REALTOR'S Lament Over Low Inventory

REALTOR'S Lament Over Low Inventory

If you've been paying attention I am sure you've heard REALTOR'S lament over low inventory. So what exactly is the impact of low inventory? Let me share a story. Today I listed two properties in WestHartford. My listings are two of only 25 homes currently for sale. Most of the buyers in the market prefer a home with an updated kitchen. Both of my listings have updated kitchens. Most buyers prefer homes with updated bathrooms. Both of my listings have updated bathrooms. Showing appointments for today were "sold out" yesterday by 3 pm. We are close to "sold out" for tomorrow. By Friday evening, less than 48 hours after listing the homes for sale, 45 groups will have toured the properties.

If you are considering selling your home this is a great time because it is very likely you have no competition.

What's better than high demand and low supply for a seller? Having a superior product! If you are wondering what you need to do to prepare your home for sale, or how I would market your home for sale, call me. I would be happy to guide you.
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